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Everyday Observations: What is this feeling associated with Books Stacked Together?

book aesthetics just the look not the contentI must be hopelessly and utterly geeky to share this but every time I watch images of books smartly packed together, I get this feeling of calmness, the visuals engage my mind and overall, I feel good!

Really don’t know the reasons for it but snapshots of massive libraries or even decadent books put together on legacy shelves give me a sense of calm, as if for a moment, Life has been put on order. Though purely academic, even university library spaces have had this effect on me. There is nothing too aesthetically progressive about it but yes, sometimes when you see those glossy covers with a wide range of colors, the scene is rather appeasing. Step closer and you can find if someone took the time to place the books in an order beyond the alphabetical rule. This can be based on increasing or decreasing book size, hardcover or not, or the binding pattern.

well stacked books mean orderlove for new books discussedDecoding these book organization/grouping preferences is also food for thought. All of these observations pour-in within the first ten minutes or so and I am usually never overwhelmed with them, on the contrary, I like it. Step even closer and there are so many fonts to see, words and alphabets spelt in very different ways. The golden and blingy ones tend to stand-out more. If you spend more time to grip and feel the cover of each title, more textures surface. Some covers are exotic while others seem to have been printed in a hurry. However, things are not the same when I see multiple boxes, especially the plastic ones, stacked together. For some reason, that looks borderline claustrophobic to me. But as soon as you come across a disheveled pile of books, the aura of everything orderly and in control seems lost!

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