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Planning can be an achievement killer: scheduling to find your chi of greatness?

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Why is that people believe that all winners, i.e. people with difficult to measure financial fortunes or with enviable contributions that we value, are believed to be great planners? It is because all lifestyle gurus preach us about the power of planning? I seriously doubt that planned schedules is what made people choose and chase the most difficult tasks, work through difficult marriages, defeat periods of psychological warfare, and still live to see another day. I honestly believe that the biggest thinkers, the most talented folks we know about were geniuses who planned a lot but were spontaneous enough to try things without waiting for the perfect moment.

Living Life with a design? You are sure never to launch...

Spontaneity can inspire brilliance. It takes a crazy-ass mind to think about gravity when an apple falls on your head. You don't need a daily schedule check to start acting classes when stuck in your mid-life crisis. You have to be spontaneous. Be ready for the fact that this move might misfire and you might be crucified again. This is something like falling in love. You really cannot plan it. Yes, the planning comes when you want your nuptials to be conducted without the party-goers returning home hungry. Yes, the planning comes into play when you decide that no matter what, you will work with a charity to ensure that more people go to bed with their bellies filled a bit more. It takes spontaneity for greatness to take shape, schedules follow, planning lies in the after-play...if you miss THAT MOMENT, no matter how well-organized you are, you are far, far away from doing anything truly inspirational...

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