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Do you desire a wall for yourself at the workplace?

vacant walls to draw ideas at work
bench-accounting-49906, Source: Unsplash
I know this sounds strange and it wouldn’t be me if the idea was too mainstream. I have always wanted a blank, big white wall at the workplace along with the liberty of using a Polaroid camera. The idea is simple – the instantly captured images would be that of movers & shakers, sinners and superstars from the team. The wall would be ideally divided into two, vertical halves. One, a wall of shame, and the other, a wall of fame. Those who have managed to commit serious blunders and seem not to realize the gravity of their errors would be instantly clicked and on the wall of shame.
Those who have excelled project scope or ownership responsibilities would be clicked for immediate fame on the other half of the wall. In total, one glance at this big wall would manage to do a lot of things, like:
  • For newcomers into the team, this would underline the fact that the working culture is about sharing and baring it all. The team probably has very few secrets and the members cannot escape the attention of their manager or each other
  • For perennial under-performers, this would mean getting instantly highlighted in a way that is out of their comfort space. That is something you want. You don’t want to provide anonymity to those who show no inclination of improving. You want to prick and push them slightly.
  • Being a team activity for the walls to be cleaned and updated regularly. There can be turns in clicking the images and with Polaroid, you have the option of putting down a short caption on each of the images captured and put on the wall.
  • A good background for team images, this wall would also be a resource to reminiscence, share and laugh about. It would be a tool for a team that works, dines, bitches and plays together.
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