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4 Breakfast Tips Most Lifestyle Bloggers are Doing All Wrong!

changing wrong perceptions about breakfast Don’t eat on the move, don’t eat anything that is seriously sweet, and stay away from anything even remotely fried or saucy – there are just so many breakfast dictum out there. The overload of righteousness about eating fruits and cereal notwithstanding, it is hard to imagine why something as simple as a breakfast has been complicated so much. The way things have been put on the web, it seems that by managing your breakfast better, you are almost sure to get healthier, better at work and even transform into a better person! The reality? This is just about managing an important meal of the day a bit better. You don't need thumb rules, ground rules, blanket policies and all that load of preachy stuff. Just stay real, make some smarter choices, fine-tune breakfasts better. This is my attempt at simplifying things:

Breakfast time is for cereals

Before packaged cereals, people were grass-fed?

breakfast rules that don't make sense imageThere is no healthcare research that points towards cereal with milk being a seriously healthier choice unless you tend to download McDonalds burgers without any guilt. What if you don’t digest milk that well? What if you find the taste of cornflakes and muesli revolting? Does that mean you cannot have a healthy breakfast? This is just the work of overzealous fitness writing published on the web that is caught in some type of time warp. Even if you have no cereal-derived carbs, you can still have a nutritiously correct, energetic and enjoyable breakfast. You just need to choose wisely. Choose less bread and more nuts. Replace milk or milkshakes with a light juice. You might want to limit your fluid intake if the transit time to the workplace is long and washrooms are not available along the way. If you want to swap a night meal with a bigger, smartly planned breakfast, you can take the cereal bowl to supper – this swap should be easy!

Breakfast cannot be too sweet

A rule with dumb-dumb written all over it

sweet breakfast can be healthThis is rubbish if you happen to drive for a long distance, have to clamor for space in interconnecting trains or tend to exercise hard during the morning hours. All these activities need fuel and sugars are good to be burnt this way. You are better served with answering the sugar cravings early in the morning. Take the time to have chocolate candy, extra chocolaty syrups, or have that extra round of jam if you have a busy morning. You need this morning fuel to burn so that your start to the day is energetic, without that low feeling associated with dipping sugar levels. Morning sweet binging, of a certain controlled type, can also help in managing weight – you can use it as a lifestyle management tool to ensure that the densest calories are consumed earlier in the day. This also gives you that bout of physical and mental energy that you need to resume a working day when the night’s sleep hasn’t been that great.

Breakfast should be eaten like a King crap

You are not a king, knight, prince or a queen…get real

4 worst breakfast habitsYes, having a heavy, soulful breakfast is always good but if your morning hours have a lot of seated time, behind the wheel or in the safe confines of a connecting railway line and you are not that good with staying awake after having a heavy meal, don’t chase the idea. There is utter stupidity in all type of dieticians recommending this. Heavy breakfast is a lifestyle choice. A choice that is based on your lifestyle habits. If you cannot digest a heavy meal early in the morning, don’t force it on yourself. Yes, heavier meals early in the day can help to control sugar cravings when the most hectic part of the workday is underway but not everyone can metabolize a big plateful that easily. If you tend to get abdominally uncomfortable with the early morning meal, don’t force-feed yourself!

Breakfast should be BIG on nuts

Don’t get stupid, Nuts are not a meal

4 common breakfast mistakes
Yes, good diet management means a large portion of your essential and micro-nutrients should come from something as healthy as nuts, from raisins to almonds, cashews and pistachios - these are one of nature’s best conservatories of nutrition and energy that the body can easily process, channel and use. However, there is nothing so Godly about having most of the nutty nutrition as a part of your breakfast. In fact, you would be better served with more nuts spread throughout the day, casually snacked when you are on the move or at your work desk. Nice to munch, crunchy and packed with beautiful flavors, nuts keep you energized, more so when you have them through the day rather than gorging on them like a high-headed horse! Have them roasted, raw or slightly salted – neither of these choices is acutely healthy or unhealthy.

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