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Mind Matters: That One Thing No One in Depression Should be Allowed…

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I have had the depression monkey on my back, often find life stuck in first gear mode, and repeatedly come across scenarios where it would be easy to fold-up under a bed-sheet and just lie around for the entire day. However, my wife would not allow this and now, I realize the basic human psychology at play here. There is one truth you cannot escape – for some reason, whatever science has to say about it notwithstanding, you might be more prone to anxiety and depression. There will be bad days, horrible days and Jewish holocaust-like days. Will the world come together to help you get out of your slumber? No. Will family and friends make it a mission of their life to help you live a better life? No. Will you have to figure out your own solutions and find your own resolutions to battle it out? YES!

depression management stress control imageThe biggest mistake you could make when finding middle ground during an ongoing bout is to let go of your daily schedule and find shelter in the bed. This one pattern can bring about havoc in the form of psychological symptoms that will mar your entire lifestyle for weeks, including work and your relationships. If you happen to be with a person currently fighting these battles or happen to be one yourself with someone to trust, just ensure one ground rule is established – No Time in Bed!

The reason is easy to understand if you know that a chain reaction is like, if you understand how an assembly line moves.
  • For starters, getting in bed on those days signifies you are not really fighting | Defeatist
  • You might sleep, nap and mope but you will let go of your daily schedule | Messed-up
  • This adds to the recovery time, meaning more time away from the good things | Fatal
  • It will make you obsess about what could have been done instead | Pessimistic
  • It will worsen your mood, cause it to swing hard, oscillate | Mentally Unfit

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