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When Empty Rail Tracks can Make You Wonder about the Course of Life...

life thoughts staring vacant rail tracks
There are times when the simplest things that surround us, suddenly, in the most unanticipated manner, pose a question that we realize was begging to be asked all this along but perhaps our minds were too numbed by the daily grind to hear the query or find an answer to it...

Something like this happened to me recently when I was about to board the Metro train. The tracks seemed so stoic, like pathways that wouldn't change their direction even if the Gods said so. The tracks wore their usual black shade but this time around, the intensity of the darker hues was overwhelming. Why was that everything that is layered in sober shades of grays and blacks, unlike vintage camera pics, always seemed sad, as if these colors were destined to make us melancholic. As I stared down the tracks, their eternity, the infinity of their length, a question dawned upon me - was this one of those moments when you wonder where is life taking you?

I tried to explore this angle. However, that wasn't the case. Too many things in my life are defined, too poured into a cast, to bring about a sudden change and I really don't love surprises. However, in those few moments of poetic emotions pouring out of my pits, I started thinking what if these moments of staring down the empty tracks always manage to make some people question the path they have chosen. While railroad tracks come with the comfort of pre-destined destinations, not every path is supposed to be this accurate...while I spent another minute on this probable irony of what train tracks are and what taking the train makes us think about, my mind also seized the opportunity of this why railroads are associated with so many suicides and similar attempts?

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