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Workplace Dynamics I Like Explained Via Two Borrowed Images

Corner Desk. Big Windows. Simple Furniture
Image 1 – almost instantly likable with the big window near the work desk. This is what I have been trying for, for nearly a decade now. With front-facing windows, I would have no complaints about the space closing-in on me. The closed cabins make me claustrophobic. The windows are not only huge but they are rich with so much daylight. This is a good therapy for my naturally anxious soul and when anxiety levels are up at work, a bit of sunlight definitely helps. Even during the summer, I find a bit of daylight contributing to better mood levels as compared to working in a cubicle that is closed like the torture chamber for lifetime convicts.

Another thing – this is the corner seat. Always my favorite because I tend to sit big, with my legs spread out. Here, I wouldn’t need to worry about my elbows bumping into someone’s ribs – yes, that has really happened and I was unintentionally not too kind to the ribs.

The chairs are the best if you ask me about office chairs that I adore. These are more industrial rather than all the padding and unwanted buffering that only makes it more cumbersome to maneuver seats across the working floor. These chairs are more likely to keep you upright. The back support is really good. The sleek finishing means keeping things simple and workable with a big push for practicality rather than choosing chairs with unending series of knobs and adjustment features.

The table or desk provides ample countertop area – not too much or too little. You don’t want huge desks that tend to encourage people to unload their household on to their tables. I am also against desks that have big, wall-like divisions that tends to alienate employees and make some teammates huddled, leaving others out of the loop. Another thing about the corner space – if you look closely, there is some very usable sill space. These small spaces help to spread out things you might need through the day without the need for a drawer. You can keep them in the open without making the floor look over-cluttered. 

Make Your Own Coffee. Latte Machines. Bean Grinders. Cafe Culture
Image 2 – this is not an office floor shot but a great idea which if turned into reality, could be an awesome example of how workplaces can be employee-loving without wasting money on buying pompous stuff.  A self-sufficient, fully workable coffee zone where employees can tend the table, pour the cream for themselves and their mates and remember to clean-up without being told to – almost sounds too good to be real.

Given, a few people would not be that good at prepping the brew but then the interactions that would happen with the aiming of learning the ropes would eventually contribute to better people dynamics. This setup is a bit too expansive, more retail and boutique than being utterly practical. I would want more table-tending high-raised stools. Not too many bean grinders but one to do the daily duty would be just fine. I would love to add more interior-loving plants on the counter, in fact, across the coffee floor. Unlimited access to dairy and cream also means that employees need to exercise more self-governance to avoid excesses that can make the logistics of it all look horrible.

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