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Don't get metaphysical about it - flowing water tends to take away the heaviness and that is it[period]

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We were shopping for some home decor accessories and it just came to my mind that there is an entire world of home decorative accessories that don't use strong colors or weird shapes to impress you. The Japanese have created many living room and garden items that are supposed to harmonize the flow of energies around you. Now, don't get uptight about words related to aura, energies, chi, cha and what not...this is not some product peddling blogger trying to promote his inventory. I am sharing with some real connection to the subject. The Japs have relied on the home decor items that use running water to infuse a sense of calm. The feeling is real. There is no metaphysical phenomenon at play. if you have found yourself to be calmer than usual, less anxious, when seated alone near a serene river bank, you have already experienced it. Flowing water seems to overcome time and speed calculations. It seems to carry away the negativity and apprehensions you have. In a way, it is healing. It keeps you hooked as long as you are ready to appreciate its simplicity, the beauty of it. However, small contraptions that use this running water concept are not the ones I am talking about - you need something bigger, more expensive to get the right stuff. Yes, money plays an important role here!
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  1. I was watching this movie - Miracles from Heaven - and that scene that included the aquarium reminded me that even seeing fish float effortlessly across water has a similar, soothing effect on the mind.


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