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Fleeting Thoughts: Just Because Life Sucks, You Shouldn’t Behave Like a Sucker!

bad phases in life wait for better days
I know how irritating it is when people try to give you advice when things are going bad. Every advice seems like another punch on the chin. The entire world seems against you. I am not going to take that path here. I am just talking about what I have learned during the many phases of feeling low and defeated. For starters, accept that you are going through a bad phase. There is no shape in acknowledging that your plans have gone kaput or that you are running a rather bad patch of fate where nothing seems to go right. Accept that things will remain difficult for some time. Treat this phase in your life as something you should go through to emerge as a stronger, more composed person. Mentally, talk to yourself that despite what hardships might come along during this unpleasant journey you will stick to the things that define you as an individual. This might mean being honest or speaking your mind. Don’t dump the things that have become a part of your persona. Realize that you have to do something when life sucks - the solution has to come from you. Let the unhappiness merge with your usual self for some time. Don’t abandon your good thinking. Keep your composure and your sensibilities sharp without throwing in the towel, not yet

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