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What if we have been interpreting food textures all wrong?

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Perception of Food Textures Seems Biased, Under-cooked
What if I tell you that you have been looking at food textures all wrong? I might be going overboard with the opinion thing but the fact is that when we speak about textures at a dining spread, it is about the food served, the surfaces are that of the ingredients, the way they have been fried, the roasted crust, the oozing sauces or the soft interiors. But no one stops to consider one more type of dining texture – within the things that are a part of the tabletop experience. From the table runner to the finishing of the eating hardware, from the type of napkins placed on the table to shine of the serving platter, everything forms a part of the bigger, cohesive picture that is your meal. Just imagine this – if you were paying the big bucks for an elite dining experience, wouldn’t it matter if the salt and pepper dispensers had a smudged, stained woody exterior? Of course it would! You are paying for the entire experience and the materials that surround your plate, are situated beneath the serve-ware or form a part of the dining accessories are included in this.
For some reason, people don’t find it beautiful when a breezy, summer mocktail is placed tantalizingly on a coffee table that wears a slightly grainy finishing, dressed in the beachy shades of brown sands – put together, these things complement each other and help to create the ideal experience of sipping on your cooler, creating subtle vacation-like vibes! Why compromise here?

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