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Industrial Theme Workplaces Work but Too Rustic? That Might be Decadence you don’t Want!

minimalism workplace layout
Industrial design workplace at [creative-modern-office-designs]
Industrial styled interior designing is considered chic and I agree, there is something very likable about it and workplaces should try it. At workplaces, industrial designing has really picked but I feel the line between a workable, and productive, industrial theme and something that can actually dent the office productivity levels is thin and often misunderstood. Industrially styled spaces are more like practical living units without trying to hide anything.

As a result, false ceilings give way to ducts and pipes and connecting pathways in open view, albeit with some sort of aesthetics established around it. This is about open floors with less fixtures and maximum space for the occupants. Your space real opens-up as considerable wall and floor area is conserved.

Expect lots of natural color palettes and less use of exorbitantly priced window dressings and more of simple, big and very usable furniture elements. This is about minimalism, almost to the level of looking broke, and it can be somewhat glorified or best, established with its skeletal components intact. There is more emphasis on shapes and form. This is more about textures rather than prints and colors. You can expect painted ducts to be in plain view without any effort to be concealed.

rustically themed workplace office cabin layout
Perhaps, Cons of Industrially Designed Workplace? 
You might like the warehouse look at the office but ensure, the storage room like visual effect does not translate into wastage of space or creating too much emptiness on the floor that tends to deviate people away from their work-desks. You might love the unfinished look but what about the office looking too untidy to infuse that feeling that this is the place for real work, real business where projects and deadlines matter.

I am not talking about using interior design to stifle the humaneness of a design but the industrial feel should not be overused if you know it can indirectly cause people to dress, behave or conduct themselves with lesser degree of professionalism!

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