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Working in an Unprovisioned Team: Management Skills that Business Schools Always Forget to Teach You!

learn to manage your team better
Somewhat innocent but eternally hopeful faces in the team often ask me - Sir, will we get this for the team? - sometimes, I just blink and act like not caring, trying to look my ignorant best and yes, the poker-face talent really helps. Little do they realize that every team is not leveraged with a manager who can make actionable decisions. MBA classes won't preach about how teams positioned vaguely need to perform every day. They cannot afford bad days, let alone a poor week of production. While globally-trending workplaces insulate their team with on-the-floor amenities, some live to survive, hustling a bit, always performing out of their comfort zones. There are better-positioned managers who can take the time to sit down with a cup of coffee, perhaps stare at a wall that is bare-naked like an unpainted canvas, and get the time to recollect their thoughts, fully aware that they have sufficient people in the desired roles to execute a project.

Team Management is Very Little like the Lessons Taught at Management Classes

Then there are humbler managers who are expected to perform like task-masters, be flawless in managing a team where skills, not human skills, where resources, not team-members are valued. Their feet might be snuggled in a murky ecosystem of dusty cables, their floor-space often speckled with hairballs, and are leveraged with handheld telephony systems that would have done Alexander Graham Bell proud, but missing out on the smallest project detail could mean their relevance questioned. There is nothing wrong with such working environments. I am damn sure that many places would have people far better than me working, and performing, in even murkier environments. But when reality collides with expectations, you take a hit, hopefully with your chin still up and yell at your team - Get. The. Job. Done!

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