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Honey Chilly Potato on Your Platter? Your Need Serious Help!

image of how to add novelty to everyday foods
Ugly cooking standards make mediocre cooking look Great!
Honey chilly potato is not a real food item, it not Chinese, it is not oriental - it is a drab, stupid and hopelessly twisted preparation! Why?

There is no real flavor or texture being created. All ingredients are coated with heavy sauces. There is no real intermingling of flavors. The guy in that shady kitchen has just pumped a million types of cheap sauces into the wok and made it look like something exotic. This is not real cooking. Getting hold of something as basic as French finger fries and dipping them like a maniac in overtly citric, sour and sweet sauces and then calling it a true Asian, oriental preparation? This is blasphemy.

I look at the morons eating honey chilly potatoes at food vans with this impression on their face that they tasted something really zesty. The only thing I can think about is how many past-their-expiry fries were used, how many almost emptied bottles of sauces were given once last rinse to extract something, and how clueless the cook must have been when mixing all the sauces. This is as atrocious a food choice you can make - this is not even food. It is the hateful creation emanating from an incestuous relationship between different ingredients. Worried about your stomach now? Don't be alarmed. The fact that you ate it more than once means your Mind needs help!

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