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Owning a ready for the dope-eyed canine to crawl all over!

how beagles make perfect companions
Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash
I keep wondering about when I will get to keep a pet. Attempts so far have been thwarted by life, my schedule and the uncanny ability of destiny to ring a surprise just when I think that everything I want is back on track, at least along the track and moving in the right direction. One recurring thought is about owning a beagle. These dogs are more than just cute companions. I call them a breed with "proper eyes". You have to Google-up to realize what I am saying. Beagles have really expressive eyes. They tend to have reasonably recognizable facial expressions too. The look, overall, is not inherently angry or submissive - a beautiful midway that seems like a personality that can go either ways depending upon the circumstances. This humility and the  vulnerability of this behavioral thing makes them perhaps a more human-ified species. Reasonably smart, as I have been told, Beagles don't tend to put on weight like their Labrador friends who are a genetic recipe for contracting lifestyle conditions like diabetes or cardiac problems. You don't want to be stuck with a dog challenging you for checking on the weighing scale!

More Thoughts on Owning a Beagle

Again, the activity level of a beagle is reasonable good without bordering along too much hyperactivity or being slow like a hypothyroid hypochondriac. The fur patterns are beautiful too with warm hues of earthy browns, amber brown, blacks and plenty of white which I feel adds more persona to a canine. All-black dogs might seem equally happy and pretty too but for some reason, I am slightly skin color-obsessed here. I have seen plenty of beagles playing with baby videos and I can say that these are human-friendly dogs who love the domestic setup. They don't need to be cuddled every hour. They don't have estrogen-driven mood swings and they are safe with your kin, including the elderly and the crawling juniors out there. Now that am also eager about being a father, these mixed emotions emerge - the beagle playing with the baby, the beagle sniffing tiny pink toes of junior, the beagle running around me to get the attention back that seems to be waning since the baby came, and so much more...seriously, I dream and sigh too much!!

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