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Why is nobody doing smaller, cute-sized Burger Armies as a PLATTER option?

small burgers versus bigger burgers gastronomy
This came to mind when viewing the list of usual suspects that make it to a vegetarian platter these days. From a lounge to a club, the platter choices are essentially the same with little room for customization. However, I feel that this is an under-served niche, i.e. platters that can be somewhat personalized and are more creative. This is about re-inventing and recreating the lost burger. Yes, the contemporary burger is pretty much losing its identity with fake, less-than-soulful patties and an overload of sauces. The result is a mess that is dry, too munchy and leaves a huge room for improvement. This can be done by creating a burger platter. You can line-up small burger, each dressed to deliver a different type of taste. Ingredients hand-picked to deliver the unique flavor can vary from heavy lettuce, overtly tomato, zero veggies, soya patty, no-patty-only-eggs, mashed potatoes, cottage cheese only, macaroni filling, layers of salads with fresh mint layering, finger fry as patty version and those that use fruit sauces, sauteed vegetables, sweet fillings, multiple types of dried fruits and nuts, etc.

What to expect from these designer burgers?

Each of these platter burgers need to be just about 2-bite-big. Easy to finish whether you happen to hate or love the flavors, these burgers should be served with the option of adding more fillings as you please. Each platter should have pre-dressed x 6 burgers at least with about 10 to 12 customize as-you-go options. Just thinking about this again - how about a burger with every ingredient dipped in thick coating of thick, hung curd, without a patty? These burgers would naturally come without any overwhelming, taste-killing excesses like too much of a tomato or chilly sauce. Diners should have the option of getting more DIY with chopsticks that can be used for picking up small ingredients and then shoving and pushing them between the buns.

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