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Marble White & Predominantly White Sneakers Continue to Engage MEN...why?

why sneakers speak a universal languageAsk any guy about his footwear choices, about a pair that he wants to upgrade, repeat, replace, or buy immediately and chances are that SNEAKERS would be quoted with shocking regularity.

[keeping manhood alive] 
There is an unspoken bond between white sneakers and men. For some, it is about continuity a legacy of sporting culture they once had, now lost to regular jobs, and they will continue to chase it, keep-sake some of it though their current exercise endeavors might be merely moving the steering wheel. #sneakerlove

[style correctness]
Most men are more prone to packing their wardrobe with safe over probably-good choices. Sneakers make them feel more assured. It is a cannot-go-wrong-with choice in the niche of casual, casual relaxed and formal relaxed wear for men. Readily available in all sorts of whitish hues, these sneakers are rarely looked down upon. They provide fashion safety that many men desire. #sneakerstyle

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[that outdoorsy feel]
Thanks to contemporary workplaces being digitally progressive and fitness-wise redundant, men want to capture that nimble footed, liberating feeling that comes with walking longer distances or running in the outdoors. The outdoors are now office lobbies, the wilderness is our parking lots, and liberation lies in wearing snug-fitting sneakers. Sneakers have this aura of being active, on-the-go, even if you aren't really, the vibes count and for a decent price this is not too bad a feeling to capture and own. #sneakerpower

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[sneaker-heads is a global breed]
From growing a goatee to wearing a wrist watch with the dial turned inside, men will try to own and style something that gives them that edgy, unconventional feel. Sneaker-hoodism is one such thing. These men groom their wardrobe with unending pairs of white or predominantly white sneakers from all the trending brands. Every outing is about owning a pair more. Every week at workplace is about flaunting a new pair. Every weekend is time for overview of these collectibles. So, in a way, sneaker-headism is as relevant and sensible as manscaping your beard. #sneakercommunity

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[easiest fashion update]
Men struggle to come-up with easy fixes to their falling style standards. An easy cure lies in white sneakers. That day, when you wear a new pair to the office or at a date night, you do engage a lot of glances. Proud and shining with the knowledge that they are revered, white sneakers seem proud, somewhat uptight and help you get noticed. Not such a bad deal for someone whose idea of shopping is buying serving spoons in shades of aqua blue. Please respect the testosterone! #sneakerlife

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