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Holiday Plans 2018 Chamba Bartol Himachal
It is that time of the year when I have the confidence to let go of my self-imposed rules, ready to break away from the overdose of official duties, and plan a small break with my wife. This time, we have Chamba, in Himachal, in mind. Needed very little persuasion about the choice of place. Chamba has everything you need if you want basic food, remote green spreads, and hot tea throughout the day. This is what our priorities happen to be and we have booked a homestay. Again, booking a hotel never crossed our minds. We don't want a front-office to wake us up. We don't want cable TV programs competing for attention. This is also about resting my overworked immune system, if there is any actually, and getting better from the 3-week long bout of flu & related symptoms. Yes, the image talks about beaches and tan lines but I found it very contextual when Googling...will keep sharing more updates.                                     
Chamba Love | Vacation 2018 | Letting Go

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