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Guilt Pangs are OK but Don't Get Wishful about Reducing Your Guilt Footprints

carbon footprints versus guilty feeling footprints
There will always be mistakes you wish you didn't make. There will always be moments of could-have-done-better. A part of you will always yearn to go back and change some actions that seem utterly stupid today. These are your Guilt Footprints - they are human, real and in a part of every person's mind or heart. Can you delete them in totality? NO, unless you happen to be as egoistical as Vincent McMahon and have surging testicular fortitude levels. For most of us, these thoughts are like phlegm. Just when you think you have had enough, it comes back. Just when you think that this season you will not catch it, it shows-up in your sinuses. However, unlike phlegm, Guilty Feelings are nothing to be ashamed about.

There should be no hate here. This is a part of what defines you, completes you as a person. These are the footprints you made and they happened due to free will - don't put these on God, destiny or circumstances. Take complete ownership of these imprints of Life as you moved ahead, for better or for worse. Most importantly, NEVER revisit the moments that created them, NEVER get bitter over them and TRY not to hide them. These are like scars that a seasoned warrior wears - wear them with pride! Want redemption? Try to create less of new ones and try smiling at the ones you already own!

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