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The Morning Water Overload: Works For Me

drink water morning for better heart health
You guys must be thinking that I lay a lot of emphasis on things done in the morning. Well, I have discovered that the couple of hours I have in the morning to myself set the pace for the entire day. A well laid out morning schedule helps me stay clear of the anxiety that comes on rather easily. Recently, I have started a new practice. Rather than the usual combination of hot chai and cookies, I prefer to drink water….loads of it. The idea is to use a more natural medium for helping me empty my intestinal baggage. In the process, I also make-up for the not-so-systematic consumption of water through the day.

I believe this also helps in detoxification to some extent. It also hydrates me well for the daily exercising that can be very daunting in this hot season. If you happen to believe in the power of pro-biotics or pre-biotics and are finding the best time to consume them, you might want to take the supplement with the water overload in morning. A big plus also lies in handling a heavy meal.

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When you go to bed with a really filled belly, you need something to push out the excess to feel lighter again. This is when lukewarm water can really help. You have to get at least four glasses for this simple health fix to work. Also recommended to anyone suffering from chronic, almost painful type of acid reflux issue. You can add some drops of lemon and honey if the plain, banal taste is a bit too much for you to handle. Believe me, this works, and from the first day itself!

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