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Gymming & Moisturizing: One Connection Even Cosmetic Brands Missed

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Jokes apart, gym-related skincare has serious challenges like Bacne
I would like to pat myself on the back. It seems I have unearthed a need for moisturizers that is yet to be understood or advertised for by leading cosmetic brands. Let us tear into this – weightlifting takes a toll on your hands, particularly the inner palm area. Over a period, this leads to development of calluses and thick skin formation. The problem usually reported by guys can also be seen among women who indulge in regularly lifting weights. No matter how good your hand or wrist wraps are, some degree of callus formation will happen with regular gymming if it involves exercising with dumbbells, rods, weighted plates, etc. Secondly, exercising can be very dehydrating for some folks - there are many ways in which exercising takes a toll on your skin but people seem very quiet about this.

Have you heard about BACNE [back-acne]?

This word might sound weird but it actually exists and refers to severe acne breakout on the back. Simply called back acne, it is one of the most common exercise related skin afflictions out there. One of the most common bacne causes is severe sweating. This is something I have discussed and found common among many gym regulars. Some people just cannot stop the break-outs along their neck and back, even if they bathe daily, including just after the workout. There is some evidence that the hormonal-level changes caused by high-intensity exercises are also a big contributing factor to bacne - this link on treating back acne on helps you understand this. Also, I happen to sweat too much, daily, and throughout the year.

Having a dry skin also doesn’t help. The result is extremely dry skin that needs constant moisturization while the hands need a thick, penetrative lotion that can smooth-out the callusy skin. Do you agree with my observation? On a scale of 0 – 10, how would you rate it in terms of observing something that is easily visible but is seldom noticed? I cannot recall any cosmetic brand that has created solutions for dry lips and hand lotions to have ever advertised that their product should be a part of your gym bag!

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