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Wish this was Just another Hair Raising Tale! When Hair Stoop, Move Apart and then, Depart!

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I have always been confident about my hair growth, always assuring myself that nothing could go possibly wrong despite my father’s genetically-transmitted disposition towards premature hair graying. This confidence stemmed from hair roots inherited from the maternal side too. We are blessed with thick hair, so dense that if you don’t comb them for a day, stray animals might peep-in to check a prospective, snug accommodation for the night. The hair growth rate was so high that during the schooling years that I visited the nearby salon with amazing regularity. These hair cutting artisans would often bitch about how unruly and demanding my hair were and that it always took them extra effort to tame the shrew that used to be my highly democratized hair—because each strand was independently shaped and positioned irrespective of my preferences. This discussion overviews my hair battles, the most recent ones being against hair thinning and breakage that has me seriously scared...

More About My Hair Type - the absolutely unruly set of Jabronee  

Hair Fall Hair Breakage Brittleness ImageThis type of unwarranted independence once ran so strong throughout my scalp that it looked like the head was divided into four sections, each sporting a different type of hair style with most strands able to boast somewhat different tensile strength numbers. This issue was compounded by my hair's ability to mushroom, spiral and then suddenly, without a reason, point downwards. This inexplicable love affair with gravity and those bouts of hatred wavered without reason. My class teacher and my mother were always confused - what makes his hair so unruly, so dry, with a plaque-ridden scalp and a desert in terms of oil-absorbing capacity.

Pointless to say that I have always had the most hideous hair-grooming battles. However, things started changing when I crossed 30. The words started appearing in my mind with more clarity – men’s hair problems when they hit 30 – this was not a Googled search term anymore. It was happening to me and how this should be related to testosterone levels that start dipping post 35...the thoughts have been rambling for some time and the more I allowed them to sleepover in my head, the more threatening the situation seemed.

An Early Start to Premature Hair Graying

The Phase: Like I said, the paternal disposition towards developing whitish to gray hair strands meant that I was going to face this issue at some point in my life. While nearly everyone in our clan had this issue by the time they hit 30, my post-30 hair troubles started slowly and in a controlled manner. The graying was most intense around the crown. These hair were not brittle. They were like their black-therefore-glorious cousins but had lost their melanin or whatever the hair coloring pigment is called.

I did not panic at this stage. I did not turn astray towards over-the-counter hair coloring products. I realized these chemicals would invariably maximize the damage and soon the aesthetic gains would zero-out. The choice was clear. I had to live with this issue or find a safer, more health-conscious and smarter solution. Homeopathy really helped here!

Rescue Magical Oil: I didn’t even need the oral medication from our most trusted Homeopathic aunty. I just bought their standard Jaborandi hair oil and things slowed down, a lot. Within the first month, the graying looked like taking a severe beating. I was winning finally, in some desperate way. The aggressive multiplication of denatured hair strands was less rampant. I tend to rub hair oil deep into my scalp almost every day. This is why using the homeopathic hair serum was no trouble. I used it on a daily basis for some years. The results were there to see for everyone. It took about a month of doing this regularly. I have an advantage in terms of this inherent ability to withstand copious amounts of oil in my hair even during the worst summers or humidity levels. I can walk around, exercise and go to work with a lot of oil in my head and I guess, this helps correct the issue that was causing the hair breakage.

Image Jaborandi Hair Oil by Wheezal HomeopathyHappy but on Stranger Tides: another weird thing happened – all of a sudden, my hair started twirling and curling. The twisting, some strands waving against the pull of gravity, was so intense that at one point, it was hard to run fingers through my hair. In return, I got hair that would have done the alpha wolf pack proud. I recall some folks calling my hair shaping like noodles, the very round and confused variety. Consider ultra-thick hair, so strong that you couldn’t pull them out even if you were a gym rat. Combine this with very acceptable rate of graying and the freedom using conditioners or shampoos without stressing over their chemical composition.

Sinfully Guilty: For some stupid reason, I dropped this habit of using Wheezal hair oil, not knowing that this would eventually accelerate me towards a new hell hole called Humbled by Hair Fall. The main ingredient here is something called Jojoba that is used in homeopathy and Ayurvedic stream of medicine.

Audacious Fragility + Shocking Brittleness: Hair Health Suffers, Acute Hair Fall

The Phase: hard to explain exactly what brought me into this highly despicable zone. All of a sudden, my hair has turned so fragile that running fingers through them means losing a few primary hair strands and their younger siblings rather instantly. If I try the conventional head massage, which also happened to be my big anxiety savior, the breakage was so extensive that a girl would have definitely fainted if she was in the same position. This could have started after getting a hair spa done from a not-so-impressive salon.

Fragile Hair How to Treat Weak Hair
Things had changed in life. I had to let go of my favorite hair-dresser. Instead, I got a fool who was trigger-quick with slapping some chemical on my head, asking me to trust him. This phase is still in motion - it is March 28, 2018, am 36 and this bout of hair loss had started around 1.5 months back. Showing no intention of forgiving me for whatever sins I committed, the hair breakage continues.

All Hands on Deck, Deck called SOS:
I am sure about one thing, i.e. not using any chemically formulated solution that might seem like a God-sent initially but will take a toll on my scalp and facial skin’s health. I am staunchly trusting Ayurveda and more naturally formulated shampoos and conditioners. Using an all-natural blend by Biotique that is essentially an all-protein hair shampoo mix that is supposed to arrest extreme hair fall. I recalled that once, using Sunsilk all-black conditioner had helped a very temporary phase of hair thinning but this time around, the results were rather disastrous. I remembered the good old Jaborandi hair oil but I also recalled that it took a rather long time for this hair blend to benefit.

image - why biotique kelp shampoo for weak hair
Also, this time I was in the middle of a problem as compared with the earlier situation wherein I had employed daily hair oiling without any serious sign suggesting hair health issues. The situation had worsened beyond redemption within a couple of weeks. Eventually, I zeroed on a couple of things only, cancelling away any other hair-helping remedy that was trending. There is no big-scale assembly of hair care or hair health products currently. No cosmetics around the scalp. Nothing that seems too big on chemicals. The basic hair fall prevention gear at the moment is Ayurvedic Jaborandi Oil that has to be mixed with coconut oil, Kelp Protein Shampoo and trying to control my obsessive scalp scratching tendency.

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  1. Biotique shampoo is really working
    Hair fall has been controlled to a large extent
    Fragility is not that pronounced now
    Plan to use this forever...


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