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Paying Homage to Food Art called Grilling - RIP!!

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Pretentious Chefs, Falling Dietary Standards are Killing Grilling Holiness
It is pretty clear that the purity of barbecues is being molested, almost raped, by eating joints that are polarizing online coupon engagement with the promise of being charcoal grilling or open grilling specialists. I am not talking about suburban American communities and neighborhoods where grilling is still a thriving art that continues to being discovered by newbies, patronized by the seasoned BBQ maestros and signifies an alternate lifestyle choice. Everywhere else, the story is not that good. In fact, things are deteriorating with tandoori and grilling being used as parallel terms to describe what is nothing but an eyewash with partially fried foods being hung inside small pits to add some smokey flavor before being served on plastic plates with a stupid smile.

This is not the grilling art we wanted. This is not the tandoori standards that our forefathers once ensured had to be maintained with the seriousness of a heart attack. The grilled stuff served today, particularly at take-away points of sale, has literally zero or near-zero grilly flavor. The meats are precooked, prepackaged, instantly fried and are never given the privilege of being slow roasted. The love for hardwood kilns to handle meats has been lost to instant food delivery systems that run low on patience. Meats are cooked with a timer which is run by deadline-anxious staff. The insides are raw and chewy like a chewing-gum. Slow-roasting is a lost species for good. Tandoori buffets serve the most idiotically finished grilled items. I mean at least don't fry-burn the surface which makes the entire sham so obvious!!

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