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Find how the typewriter is not another technologically defunct memory...this old dog punches back!

Image old typewriter learning for bloggers
I believe everyone can find their individual reason to love the typewriter,
You have to try it more than once to find yours to start the love affair!
There is a reason why the more classic generation of bodybuilders and hardcore gym enthusiasts swear by the golden exercises –  if you cannot squat, deadlift or bench-press until you have exhausted every joint and ligament, you are not likely to achieve the aesthetic or power gains. The somewhat similar psychology applies to using the typewriter. It is rudimentary as compared to the contemporary keyboard. Trusting forearm credentials of the user and with high morals of demanding more practice hours from you, the typewriter is unapologetic about its archaic form. I had a very unusual interest in typewriters at one point of time. This was not academic or due to a sadist preference of testing myself. The attractiveness was purely due to the contrast of technology, the silhouette very retro, the vibes aged like wine, and then this aura of silence, as if the typewriter was like some monk challenging you to break his/its peace of mind.

Finding an old typewriter is not that difficult unless you chance upon some collector’s item. The keys should be ductile under the pressure of your fingers and yes, for the first time perhaps, you will feel the springy backlash that each key causes. When you first start, the sound of alphabets being punched on paper seem romantic. The typewriter creates this sense of creating content in a manner that is shockingly similar to writing on a piece of paper yourself.

Every time you are able to type an entire sentence without making spank-worthy mistakes, you feel that sense of achievement. I also feel that without the bells and whistles associated with the modern keyboard, the typewriter makes the entire journey simpler, tougher yes, but also it helps you focus better. If you happen to be someone who likes to express via words, try the typewriter for its uncanny ability to make you think harder, it almost argues for your attention. I believe that with the comfort of knowing that words can be retyped, recreated, we tend to type with less vigilance on the keyboard. The typewriter is relentless in its pursuit of awe-inspiring you. To what extent is it successful? You have to type and find out….

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