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Wet Confessions: No one must sweat like me!!

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Why some people sweat more than others? Some Obsessively!
Yeah, this is not something I would like to boast about. It is something that has haunted my daily life for the last decade. What am I babbling about? I am talking about sweating - not too much of it, not the lack of it, not its regularity but only its copious, unending love for me. I tend to sweat from most places humans do and then, there are some more, now-researched surface areas from where my sweat profusely drains out my energy. This includes the area surrounding the nose, behind my ears and even my forearms!

This is one reason I could never be regular at a gym. I would sweat and pat dry myself so much that everyone around me would get bothered with all the fidgeting and constant bodily adjustments. Sharing a bench with someone was impossible since my shorts would be dripping. Any clues to what can help? and I am not talking about anti-perspirants that promise to work like magic! I am not going to turn this into another discussion about how some people are meant to sweat more than others. Instead, I am sharing reality bytes from my hyperactive sweating glands...

Things I have noticed about my sweating:

  • For starters, there is a pattern which indicates there is something to discuss - my sweating is now a conversation-starter every time the managers meet during the lunchtime break. This means it has potential, skills and something special about it!
  • Psychological sweating over regular sweating - underarms and ribs are the main areas that suffer from anxious sweating - this is different from regular sweating
  • It usually stays on for a longer duration even after the task has been executed...hours after the lightest workout - anxious sweating can carry on throughout the day
  • I can sweat profusely in winters, inside a room during basic activities like changing clothes - this has happened with the least physical activity in the build-up to a sweating bout
  • Forehead sweating is the first indicator that i will need to wipe-up a lot today - it is a precursor to the type of sweat-day I am most likely to have
  • Anything that makes me rush through the getting-ready process can start it - happens when getting ready for work or for a party. I must sweat, when changing, even during the winters
  • Don't drip as the sweat is more sticky, not a good thing since workplace means seated hours - the sweat does not drip away which means it is quite viscous and this has irritated the skin a couple of times
  • I can climb 5 floors of my home and still not really sweat - it is not about the workout or physicality of it but some sort of overall metabolic thing, at least that is my conclusion
  • Exercising followed by bathing does not stem the flow - I need some under-the-fan hours - the more cardio I do, the more squats, the more I will sweat. Only bench-presses leave me reasonably dry
  • Weight-related fluctuations in sweating are no more - I sweat more consistently now irrespective of how the weighing scale tips. I was sweating even when losing weight during my jaundice bout in November 2017
  • Seldom feel thirsty during/after a bout - strangely, there is no desire for fluids even as I lose them. Yes, there can be days when it creates temporary and superficial dehydration
  • Using antiperspirant gels & talcum works but to a limited extent - I have tried many brands but no consistency until now. Deodorants seem rather useless
  • There is no real odor. My sweating has never been the stinky type - it is highly odorless and it is the moistness of it that is the big trouble not a smell of any type
  • Sweating under the knee area has never been an issue, neither do i have sweaty palms - cannot imagine how people with sweaty hands manage life without breaking into emotional outbursts
  • Rib-side sweating is specifically for moments of anxiety or being in a bad mood - this is not good as it can linger for hours. This messes-up the entire pleasure drawn from dressing-up
  • Extreme consistency - while people complain about excessive sweating in humid conditions, I tend to suffer less - humidity and the rainy season are not my big foes here. I sweat throughout the year. The increase in summers is not that noteworthy

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