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Beyond the Clouds: where else do you see hidden faces, expressions?

observing animal shapes forms in everyday things
Everyone seems to have some experience in the niche of observing facial expressions, forms and shapes in the clouds. However, that is not the only place in our immediate surroundings that provides plenty of fodder for such undefined exercises. I have found some of the most beautiful shapes, including the face of a frowning bear, a small hut, and the masked face of a big, brawny Batman in unusual places like:
  • Smudges formed by paint and inks on a piece of cloth, an old fabric
  • Patterns of water absorbed on an old wall
  • Painted patterns on a public building wall, paints drying over a decade
  • Faces in the shadows cast be a huge tree
  • Interplay of shadows of balcony fixtures as soon as the sun sets
  • Rusting patterns formed in old toolboxes
  • Patterns formed by sweat marks on an exercise tee
  • Patterns in the soil layer around a planter that is drying-up
  • Patterns found on dried corrosion marks on a big rod
  • Shapes in a small cloud formed by simmering dish, particularly when looked at from a long distance
  • Patterns formed on the bed-sheet with elaborate prints spread on the string
…there are also some patterns formed by the hair on my chest that resemble an Amazonian forest!!

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  1. There was at least one time that I saw a complete face, face of a really old, bearded man in the surface of a door that was being resurfaced. The staining had created this beautiful pattern...I should have clicked it!


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