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Navigating Life: What if star-gazing is actually about the Sky?

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Like most wannabe poets, during their formative years, I have tried to get philosophical, forcing myself to sky-watch, hoping that some stroke of genius will hit me like a meteor from the space, turning me into some sort lovelorn poet. However, that did not happen - obviously, you won't have a seriously blossoming poet blog as much as I do without earning a penny out of it! As time passed, I realized that sky-gazing is actually about the emptiness of it all. There is something about the infiniteness of the setting that perhaps helps people transcend their apprehensions, think in a way that is beyond the everyday struggle. Star-gazing can be astronomical, sky-gazing is more soulful.

Star-watching can be a Valentine thing to do, sky-watching can be a thinking catalyst, making every worry you have seem menial. If you have not experienced it yet, try it once. Give it a real shot and you will find that watching the changing, always-transforming skies is some sort of therapy that actually works. It only needs YOU and a SKY, and from what I can tell, neither of these are difficult to find unless you are globally sought terrorist...

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