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Furniture-ing Around: Sometimes Simplicity can be More Beautiful

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It has been some time since me and Moha went to shop for our coffee table. I was always attracted to the raw, more basic layouts. The countryside feel of thick-planked tables always attracted me. Now, that we bought something more refined, my mind often wonders - why is that such a simple coffee table would grab my attention? I introspected a bit. Turns out it has nothing to do with the beauty or charm of natural wood. Yes, the slightly under-finished grain patterns add a more rural charm but this was not the reason. I looked around and realized that most textures and finishes around us were almost flawless. Even the ceramic cups and plates were glazed to perfections. The walls wear a very well-groomed look. The glossy paints and assembly-line printing processes have ensured that nothing we purchase has any type of designing impurity.

Here, lies the trouble - there is a bit of too much perfection around us. Tables that are slightly uneven, more unpretentious, don't try to compete with home decor items you find in abundance across online stores and come without the promise of complementing everything else you own - are somewhat more attractive. They have a certain individualistic persona. Just like a lady with an opinion, a table with some substance, might make you chase "it" more...and you need to be vary about how some sellers are camouflaging processed or highly manufactured furniture as rustic or traditional but the fact remains that apart from the use of twigs and bamboo and accessories like thick ropes, there is very little rustic reality here!

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