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I believe Casanova had great oral skills...I mean, Conversational!

discussion partners talk for better sex
What is it exactly that people seek when visiting online discussions about sexual health? Some sense of closure? The assurance that their problem is shared by millions around the world or just that what they wanted to talk about with their partner has now been published online and now, it is much easier to read? Yeah, reading about sexual performance or sexual health might be good but if you are using it to supplement the real thing that you and your partner should be having, you are headed towards Pain City - Where Sex is Never Good Enough! I have been a slow starter. Very laidback and hesitant when it comes to intimacy.

Yet, I eventually figured this out, i.e. until you are ready to talk about what could have made it better, what went wrong, what didn't fire and what was the real climaxing point, you are not sharing the pedestal with Casanova. Like they say, the most important thing about sex lies in your head - real feelings that comes from contact, touch, texture, friction, rubbing, groping, pulling, tugging, cascading - there is no substitute for this. This is perhaps also why some people preach about using alcohol as a means of making sex better. Please note that this might work to help some people shed inhibitions but if you are drinking-up just to numb your feelings so that you won't need to find out how good or bad the sex was, you are not doing yourself a favor...[start signing-up for shady dating sites and porn-fed camera shows]

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