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Restart Life, Keep it Simple they Say but who PAYs?

countryside simple lifestyle costs high
There is a lot of noise on lifestyle TV shows and editorials online about living a really simple life - most of them have idyllic settings with beach-front properties that seem slightly rustic, and highly retro. However, a question comes to mind. Shifting from a metropolitan to a countryside, complete with signing out of your regular job, starting a young family and ensuring the accommodation is actually as good as what the images suggest needs some serious money. Who is going to pay for this? Why do these folks say that living on a farm or starting your organic produce setup is easy?  There is nothing easy about leaving the entire ecosystem that you were born into, were nourished within, happened to flourish in for some years before things started falling apart and then, you decided to change the entire landscape.

In some countrysides, the power spread is poor. What is going to power your wi-fi music delivery systems and even if they do, can you count upon 4G speeds that you have grown so fond of? Even if you do, reconnecting with a new network of community too is hard. Giving-up your city life and moving to hilly areas or beachy paradises still means a massive portion of your savings would be consumed - does that not induce serious anxiety?

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