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Being Different: Learning Humility without Being a Doormat | Life Teaches You How to Give a Fuck

This was in 2014 [when the change had begun]:

image being the change - be proud of yourself

Yes, I am in the middle of a transformation. It is both intellectual and spiritual. You can say that it was brought about by circumstances that were getting piled on for nearly 5 years. I am learning to be less egoistic, not touchy about the smallest remarks or criticism. In fact, I am turning into a keen listener even if I realize that the discussion is headed towards waters that will most probably sink me. This humility is all around, in my everyday living. It is not as if I am humble at the workplace and stubborn at home or when dealing with outsiders - the aptitude to be better, more tolerant, less proud is all around me and I am absorbing this bit of wisdom, hoping it will start to pour out of my pores one day.

humility without being doormat quotes

This was in 2015

Being humbler has come about as a process of recognizing the smaller things in life…things I sinfully took for granted all along. I have lived a rather ungrateful life, never thanking my parents or the Big Man ruling this world. For me, every thing was either perfect or just not worth the consideration. This perspective had suffocated my horizons, making me more critical, unaware that happiness is often packaged in the most unassuming, daily life activities. I guess when sleeping pills fail to work, you realize the importance of a good night’s sleep. A good, hearty meal is also reason enough to thank Life. A good day, free from confrontations, when work was smooth at the office and the house resounded with positive vibes is now a gift for me. However, this does not mean that I am turning docile or turning into a walkover. I can be as stoic and argumentative if I feel that someone is tramping on what is rightfully mine. Being humble or trying to be helpful has got nothing to do with allowing people to take advantage of me. I still stay away from folks who can talk a mouthful but cannot bust a grape in a fruit fight. This shallow type, the all-talk, all-nonsense variety just does not sit well with me.

This is today, in 2018 [when the change has brought about significant results] 

life lessons quote about reclaiming your life
I am still judgmental but I am learning the art of keeping the judgments to myself, not getting overwhelmed with them, not allowing unpleasant situations or people to upset my day. A demanding, energy-draining, or upsetting day is still good enough if I hear my mother has done well in physiotherapy, the new bed-sheets look beautiful and the supper warmed my soul.

Even as I share this, somewhere deep down, I am grateful that Life gave the opportunity and the gumption to blog in an honest manner…Thank You Life!! 

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