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Reviewing with just 15 minutes of watching Split – not as bad as some of Shyamalan’s Worst | Popcorn Bytes

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Just 15 of the concluding minutes that wrap-up Split and I was sure, this movie was good. I plan to catch the entire reel soon. Still, like always, I have an opinion to share. Shyamalan didn’t do his fraternity any good by making movies like Unbreakable – seriously sordid storytelling combined with little or none of that M. Night Shyamalan twist. The result? Movies like the Air Bender were so bad that we had starting wondering if the Sixth Sense was plagiarism turned into movie gold. However, with Split, the actor-director-weirdo Shyamalan returns to his core calling – thrillers that are creepily slow, almost agonizing and then, deliver such acute turnarounds that your entire credentials of being a great movie-watcher are thrown apart. Split is intense, more so towards the latter half – I got this bit from watching a few trailers of the movie. Saw a small YouTube clip too. James McAvoy has delivered par excellence. Carrying more than 20 personalities as a part of your split personality syndrome is not easy! However, James does this with amazing ease. His persona has that unsettling feature that makes the audience feel uneasy.

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Source: : M. Night Shyamalan on the importance of outlining, using dark humor, the four genres of Split, and writing for different budgets.

Controlled expressions along with multiple, inter-persona conversations, and the typical Shyamalan tuning where people whisper more rather than talk aloud, make you wonder how this guy could have survived the outdoors or a neighborhood. McAvoy's character uses weird dance routines and eerie, underground, basement-like settings to further individualize each of his multiple personas with a very sombre surroundings. Not your outright gore movie, Split benefits from the passion of his many avatars – each one as twisted as any of its cousins, each sinfully-inclined, very realistic without the melodrama, rich with personality traits that are associated with a one-personality individual. Forget the disappointment of the Village and the likes and let us trust Shyamalan again for one more movie…one at a time!

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