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Beer in a Glass versus Drinking Beer from the Bottle: why is the house so divided?

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Don’t pour it, he says with the look of a seasoned campaigner, someone who has paid his dues in the murky landscape of having laid your senses to waste with unending pints, pegs and kegs. This is the usual sentiment when it comes to lashing-out instructions when ordering beer. For some reason, most folks, including me, look down upon the supposed eliteness associated with having an alcoholic beverage served in a glass. Let us get one thing straight – beer glassware is a niche of serving glasses dedicated to how brew is served. From shaker pints to pint glasses, from bigger beer mugs to steins and pilsner glasses, there are many types of beer glasses doing duty across the world. Yes, I did my homework on this! So, why are some people so uncomfortable with beer poured in glassware?

Reasons Beyond Glassware Preferences

There can be many reasons for it. Personal preferences aside, there is always room for men in particular to feel that the machismo of dunking beer is lost with this practice. Perhaps, they feel that beer in a bottle is part of the entire experience that you are trying to absorb and rejoice. I have seen some social show-offs hanging on to the bottles just because they want to announce to the world that they are drinking a more sophisticate, pricier type of brew. Still, the answers are not clear.

Is it just about a misplaced aura of ruggedness or owning the beer that makes some people scowl at beer poured in a glass? Am still not sure but the sentiments can be very strong here. While my father prefers a pint glass, I always wanted the bottle!

Some more reasons that I can think of about why drinking beer from the glass is considered different from drinking from the bottle:

  1.  More surface area for your nose to feel the aroma. The bottle opens-up the olfactory field
  2. Pouring beer slowly in glass also creates more foam. Some people insist on this
  3. Some people like the bigger, thicker grip of a glass. Some, very exacting people
  4. People might enjoy the entire visual of a beer that becomes easy to view in a glass
  5. Drinking from the bottle can reduce chances of bigger spillage due to a smaller mouth
  6. Clarity of beer and the bubble rush are visible only in a glass. Some folks love this!
  7. Drinking from the bottle makes some people unintentionally gulp more
  8. Sips from a glass can be more controlled. Give more time to spread each sip on the tongue
Anything I missed here?

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  1. I must confess to a big, drinking sin - I tend to dilute my beer with ice. Though this might sound repulsive to the dedicated pint-consumer, I just cannot help it. I cannot have too much of the thick, layered feel to enjoy the entire bottle of the brew. I like it more diluted, less viscous and I end up pouring my stuff in the big beer glass


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