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15 minutes of Stardust, Highway Moments, Cutting Wind at 105kms/hr

speed driving thoughts
You must have already guessed it if you have been somewhat regular in checking-out my blog. If not, and even if you do, let me clarify this – my daily commute to the office gets me around 15 minutes on a non-stop flyover that allows me to really press on the accelerator. While I did share this earlier, I never knew that even this experience would change. Lately, this is not just about having wind in my hair. It is not just about breaking my own speed barriers. This is truly liberating. For this short duration, I feel like a rockstar.

Images of those people in music videos and movies driving their BMWs and Audis at unbelievable speeds with the convertible turned downwards have now started resurfacing in my mind. This short but regular bout of speed helps me feel somewhat, very marginally and surprisingly, like those blessed souls. Yeah, as soon as in climb down and meet the regular traffic snarls, the dreamy sequence is broken but still, I have that stupid smile on my face! Also, using two cars on the same route means which each automobile, the experience is slightly different. There are days when we turn-up the music real high while on some days I merely like to hear the wind cutting through my hair, through the window, against the windscreen, often fighting away the new and old upholstery. Again, this seems like a part of the small transformation that has me feeling happier with the smaller things in life!

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  1. The highway man type of approach cost me my license being suspended for more than 90 days and I had to be extra watchful of not committing another sin that could punch more holes on my driver's license. I got mine back recently and plan to drive slowly even if this means letting go of that daily shot of positivity when stepping on the accelerator like some movie plot.

  2. Was reading this discussion on Wired about the future and prevalence of electric cars and it resurfaced in my mind that overall, people really don't have that big an issue if the charging cycles and points of charging backup are widespread and the costs are subsidized. This is no longer about people having psychological hold-ups about electrical vehicles but about governments and organizations not keeping things more practical:


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