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Don't complicate social media - it is more human than you think!

managing social media more humanely
Recently a friend of mine had this moment when all the corporate terminology he had imbibed along with the social media acumen gained via hearsay was blended into one contorted viewpoint about how social media was getting so tough to score for branding professionals. I don't argue that Social Media outreach is getting more methodical, more massively interpreted and difficult to categorize. However, there is one very simple thing that most online marketeers don't seem to realize - social media channels are not your content publishing or syndication platforms - they are fueled by content but thrive via interaction. If your branding approach cannot converse on social media, if you cannot make small talk about the simple things and important events that happen every day, you are looking at a hopelessly skewed relationship with your social media presence where your digital agency will alienate you from what should be something simple and present all the social numbers with layers of intentional complexity.
Just try this for a week, from Facebook to your Twitter handle - share ideas, share random thoughts, comment, congratulate, argue, disagree and present your opinion along with some real-life images of the office, the team, the inventory, etc. and let the world of social media prove to you that it is not run by data crunchers...there is something very humane about it!

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