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Online Shopping Feedback: | First Impressions, Stay Away!

Image of Real AJIO Shopping Cart Order Processing
Reality Bytes: Static, Error-prone, Unreactive AJIO Shopping Cart

Conclusion:                 Potentially good but without a USP
Big Disappointment:  Cluttered interface
Too much text
Less visually engaging
Discount Offers:         Highly misleading
Most voucher codes don’t work
Goes around in circles
Recommendable:       Absolutely not
This is not what you want to share with a friend
Pricing Status:            Seems discounted at first, then confusion with codes prevails
Result? Chaos!
Home Page:                Mimics homework copy of middle school students.
Over-sized, Overwhelming
Category Pages:         Without heads-up for the selection on view
Poorly segregated
Checkout Page:          Slow and frustrating
Not worthy of being compared with Jabong or Myntra
Outstanding Feature: Nothing comes to mind
Perhaps, a fashionable way to waste time?
Corrections:                Do the entire store again
You guys are confused…utterly and hopelessly!
Help Tip:                     To their creative team - start updating your resumes!

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