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DIY Mental Health: Using Hand Gripper for Anxiety Management

Image of Control Anxiety Keep Hands Busy
This is not some amazing discovering I chanced upon – keeping your mind, hands and feet busy is one of the oldest tips from the game called controlling your anxiety levels. However, it is not often understood. Many folks believe that anxiety levels can be controlled when you are really busy. When your mind and body are totally occupied by something that does not leave any room to obsess with thoughts that take a toll. Anxiety is something that builds-up in quite, yet-to-be-described and loud ways. One common factor along these many ways of anxiety symptoms surfacing is that you are in a state of agitation, somewhat irritated, perhaps a bit angry too and you are trying to control the thoughts to overtake your mind. You don’t want an explosion of emotions at the workplace or when driving during the rush hours. This is when some people try the easy way out, i.e. taking medicines like Valium, that slow down the thinking patterns, creating a false sense of calm.

Using Gripper to Keep a Grip on Daily Life

A better way to handle this negative energy that needs to be exhausted in some way is doing something right away that occupies the nervous system. Essentially, get yourself moving. Now, at the work-desk, at the office or when commuting in public transit, this is almost impossible. You cannot block the thoughts entirely unless you are a yoga genius and you cannot get physical. This is why I have just ordered a hand-gripper from Amazon. The palm-sized tool is meant to sharpen your muscular development along the forearms but it serves a great purpose of immediately diverting all the attention to slightly hard, and therefore effective, action of pressing down and releasing. This might sound similar to breathing in and exhaling slowly but the two activities are entirely different.

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