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From Kejriwal to Aussie Smith, March 2018 is a Month of Surprising Apologies, Some Look Genuine, Others Outright Conceited!!

steven smith kejriwal apologizes
Inhaler Hero. Muffler Man. Weirdly Common. Confused
When March 2018 started rolling, we had Arvind Kejriwal apologizing to a handful of politicians whom he had intentionally and very loudly defamed as a part of his imaging exercise. To say that the guy didn’t mean to offend so many people is an absolutely ridiculous explanation. Similarly, Kejriwal’s office saying that the seemingly honest guy had to tender the apology as he did not have sufficient time to attend the court summons, is just trash. This guy used individualized vendetta, profile targeting and party-bashing as an inherent part to build-up his clout. His followers were genuinely attracted by the upfront and deliberately rude persona that Kejriwal acquired. When the Muffler Man has sufficient time to spend days in a health or wellness center, it becomes very hard to accept that he cannot find the time or hire a small team of lawyers to take care of this legal muggers.
This apology underlines the conclusion we have drawn from his tenure at the office, i.e. things are not great with Kejriwal at the helm, they are just a tad bit better and short on any real challengers out there, we have stooped low, extremely low - almost squatting, to accept the guy as our chief minister. The apology? Fake and shallow!

sledging ball tampering culture cricket
Go Lowwwwwwwwww [Image source:]
The other side to the apology saga comes from our Australian team. A bunch of players and administrators who feel that still, the cricketing world looks upon them as human with exceptionally high integrity levels. Please, that is not the case – not by a 90-meter sixer pulled into the crowds at the MCG. Ball tampering is nothing new. Everybody in the game has done it and most, continue to do it. Calling it as something shocking for the Australian cricketing fabric is just creating fuss without any substance. The PM’s office getting involved in the entire issue really wasn’t needed. Ask any player who has played with, for or against the Aussies and they will tell you that the entire ball tampering episode is overcooked, served with a lot of fanciful thinking.

Axing the captain? Do it just to sugar-coat the cause that the Aussie standards for maintaining the gamesmanship are really high. The apology? Seems genuine since Steven Smith looked so sullen. But be sure of one thing – two months from now when Steven Smith or David ‘Short Stuff’ Warner scores a century, everything about the current, trending cricketing holocaust will be forgotten. The commentators, especially the ones from Down Under, will hail the scorer as the mighty mortal from the island destination who paid his dues, killed the skeletons in the closet, rose from the depths of despair and some more BLAH- BLAH- BLAH- BLAH- BLAH- BLAH-…, as if tampering the ball wasn’t a choice but something that just came along the way!

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