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Keep Running Away with Runny Eggs

Image Cooked Egg with Sunny Side Up Fluid Eggs MediumLately, me and my sister have been individually following Eat Street. The series is essentially about exploring the food truck scene across the US, allowing viewers an inside look into what makes truck food as good, and sometimes even better, than boutique restaurants. There is something about runny eggs that is common to most of the truck food vendors. Whether it is a lunch burger or a tossed salad with chicken bits and jalapeno, adding runny eggs seems to be a common option. Influenced by this, my sister, who comes over every now and then, started making runny eggs for breakfast.

Akshay, my bro-in-law, too seems to like them just like my dad and mom. Runny Eggs?? Just Not Meant for Me! Somehow, I am not found of fluidy eggs running around in my sandwich. It gives me a feeling of eating uncooked food. I realize runny eggs are a common choice for many people and probably a healthier way to cook eggs but I just cannot get around them. Every time I have tried, I got the feeling that something was still alive in the egg and when I took a bite, I punctured its body, allowing the fluid in its guts to be spilled…!!

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