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Wellness Trending: can you realign your cells for better performance?

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A few minutes on this open diary about my life and you will realize that words like “anxiety” seem to be found with amazing regularity. This issue has been at the epicenter of my health battles, each time morphing into something new and this is when I started Googling about “holistic wellness”. The search has been slow and I came across some very unconventional therapies that are trending these days, one such being Cellular Healing – something that tries to treat you at the most basic level, i.e. cellular balance. No matter how healthy or upset your physical and mental health seems, overall wellness cannot be attained unless all cells are functioning in perfect harmony – this is the concept that fuels cellular healing. A couple of products that promise to attain this level of wellness includes aroma-diffusers that tend to cleanse the aura and bio-frequency sprays that boost better cellular arrangement. Does it make sense?
Yes, but am not sure to what extent it can happen by taking some sprays or attending a few sessions. The concept seems scientifically well-sorted but suffers from not having a means or remedy that can explain how a level of cellular health can be measured and achieved for sure.

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  1. Not sure about cellular healing but yes, at some level all forms of alternative care, from yoga to meditation work at making cellular harmony bigger, better, removing toxic build-up. However, any wellness product that claims to deliver cellular level realignment with just some sprays or perhaps a few drops on your tongue, seems to be taking it a bit too far.


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