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We know about Coffee & Conversations to Stay Awake…what else?

Image of Coffee Cup at Office
Making Your Coffee Work Extra Hard for You
Saw this trending editorial piece with some coffee hacks running in the title case and my first impressions were this is another coffee or caffeine related write-up that is going to preach about how to manage your daily intake. I had done a small piece on using coffee as a workplace companion but the article talks about various coffee combinations that can make it more effective. The one about adding protein powder makes a lot of sense. Caffeine when combined with protein is a beautiful energy-upping and calorie-busting solutions along with the protein ensuring your muscles are well fed. Coffee napping is not something you would find mentioned anywhere else.
It seems that taking a small nap right after you sip the black stuff makes the caffeine more potent – this is something worth trying and easy to do so too. My team members too agree that leftovers from the coffee pot can be cooled and applied to the face to re-energize the face, giving it a definite glow. Using coffee ground as some sort of facial treatment - not that impractical, is it?

Some more coffee table notes:

- freshly brewed is perhaps the best, with that earthy flavor, somewhat smoky too
- Nescafe dispensing machines are perhaps the best in terms of premix coffee
- adding cream to your coffee is still not a very Indian thing to do
- most of my colleagues and network people prefer coffee to be more warm over piping hot
- coffee does not jolt your system unless you go bonkers with it, it just makes the mind more alive
- cranberry coffee flavor remains my challenge...just cannot understand it, will try again
- walnut coffee flavors are enriched with this oily, slightly pungent thing that has exotic aftertaste
- even lighter coffee brands like Bru can be good if you spend time in hand-grinding the mix
- coffee with food or immediately after meal can help in feeling that all the food has been downed
- a fresh, hot cup remains my go-to option when I have eaten something that irritates my throat

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