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Cancer: It Scares Me and Honestly, You Should be Worried Too!

Image from Cancer Day Blog
Cancer Seems Like a Contemporary Lifestyle Curse
I just cannot get it out of my head. A few days ago it was World Cancer Day February 4th and the media was abuzz with celebrities who had fought back the dreaded condition. I must say that survivors like Rina Dhaka need to speak-up more about how cancer can be managed with emotional and medical support. It seems that proper care combined with contemporary standards in medical care can ensure that you don't lose your life or end-up in a where every day seems like inching closer towards the final stage where the props are in bad taste, the story of your life has gone awry and the support cast members are waiting for God’s gates to accept you. Cancer, as a health problem that finds new ways to invade the lives of people around us, has engaged a lot of critical attention lately. It also happens to be one of my deep-seated fears.

This week, I saw the advertisement about some of the biggest health insurance providers offering the best form of cancer care coverage that can be bought and activated apart from your regular health insurance coverage. The insurance notwithstanding, this condition can kill your finances. For any family, the burden can be immense. Perhaps, this is one aspect where celebrities are better positioned but I won’t call this an advantage – the chemotherapy images and movie plots have provided sufficient insight into how horrible it can get…I just pray, please show us the way to create a cure, to manage it better as I know that asking for cancer to disappear is too fanciful…am I being heard?

Something close to this that often scares me and ups the anxiety levels is imagining the real-life situation when I would be facing deaths in the family. With parents in the 70s, it is hard not to think of these things. There are days when I feel anything can be forgotten so that their senior years are paved with more reasons to get up each day and feel better. But then, you also need some room to function and when parents don't allow this, there are frictions and the enthusiasm loses to procastination to not doing it all to forgetting it all...

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  1. This might sound a bit stretched, but it was leading-up to my health insurance renewal that inspired this thought. The ads about cancer coverage were thick in my immediate environment and when I found that my wife has been cramping a bit too much, i got a big health-care scare!


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