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Valentine's Day Thoughts: Proposing with an emphasis on making it big?

Funny Pug in Costume on Valentine's Day February 14th
It is February 14 in 2018 and it seems the Valentine Fever is not as contagious as it has been over the years. Also, found one of my oldest online journals regarding proposing to a girl. Read this and let me know what do you think?

Just read this in the daily today [Feb 14, 2014] – people are booking entire movie halls, screening of new releases at premium rates to get their proposal published on the big screen. It seems that the age of getting the proposal printed on hoardings or placing a hidden Hallmark card popping the big question is quite passe. The emphasis now seems to be on creating a bigger impact, making it a memorable moment and money is not the primary consideration.

Some people are employing the services of cinematographers and professional ideators to create a short film that is then screened on the big screen, i.e. with or without the presence of the audience. Understandably, the cost piles on as you seek more secrecy. Booking the entire auditorium isn’t a joke and cineplex managers are charging a hefty sum for it. Some are also offering additional packages that include flower decorations and even a champagne that is popped along with the question.

Opinion: I believe that day isn’t far away when there will be boutique online stores selling specially curated proposal packages. People wouldn’t need to think about making this moment special. Like we are buying everything online, guys would need to merely log on, browse, select, and hit ENTER!!

Side Notes for Valentine's Today:
- it is only recently that I actually started liking flowers and the art of gifting them
- not a huge fan of must spend just because it is V Day
- taking a short leave today to catch a movie and dinner with wifey
- there is something so adolescent about Valentines and sometimes, this appeals to me
- this is nothing about being young or loaded with money, don't celebrate it if it does not appeal to you
- some people tend to indulge just because they want better WhatsApp-worthy images that attract a load of compliments...this is just lying to yourself, being superficial
- lead-up to the big day can be really annoying. Workplace jokes about chocolate day or hug day are getting too predictable
- some people choose to tie the knot on V-Day. Could not understand the relevance or logic but at least they are not imposing themselves on someone
- some people have serious Valentine Day anxieties such as being found by their friends that they don't have a single Valentine that can be spoken about with dreamy eyes and a cherubic smile
- women dieting to fit into their Valentine dress is understandable, women will diet for anything and everything

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