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Easy Fixes: Maybe You Need More Enzymes

Seems like yesterday when I tried Digiplex tablets for the first time - an ageing med that not many people know about and those who do, usually buy it for their grand-dads. Now, after many years of playing around with enzymes, I can confidently say that I can manage them with amazing accuracy!

Digestive Complex Tablets are Easy to Find

Here, I talk about some of the everyday health issues like recurring phases of indigestion. Contaminated environments are producing compromised foods and we don’t have too many options on the horizon. However, we can ensure that we digest better and extract the maximum nutrition from our daily meals. Peek into my experience of dealing with digestion-related issues without going overboard with medications…From the moment food enters our mouth to the phase where it is digested in the intestines, the body uses enzymes for processing food.

The entire process can prove futile if food cannot be broken down into simpler units and the energy can be absorbed. Some people are blessed with excellent intestinal and stomach pH that ensures breeding of potent enzymes. In some folks, the enzymatic action is reasonably good but due to issues like stress, food allergies or weak hepatic health, the food isn’t fully digested. An easy fix to this is using enzyme tablets. They are usually available over the counter and don’t present any major health risk. Some people are known to use enzymes throughout their adult life without any side effects!

How much everyday enzymes do you need for better digestive health?

This depends on how good your gut health is and how your weight has been holding up in the recent past. If you often find yourself bloated, acidic along with a diagnosed nutritional deficiency despite eating rich, balanced meals, chances are enzyme tablets can be useful. Similarly, if you cannot digest fat- or carb-heavy meals, chances are that enzyme tablets are relevant for you. If you have been lately losing weight and are surely not suffering from any health condition, enzymes could prove rather useful. The dosage will depend upon the kind of enzyme tablets you buy. Most of them include pancreatic and hepatic enzymes that are already present in the human body. Here is how I manage my enzyme tablet intake:
  •     Use them whenever eating outside home
  •     Eat them along with or just before having the meal
  •     Always keeping a few tablets in my pockets
  •     Use them when consuming dairy or milk-rich food items
  •     Never go overboard with their intake, i.e. max. one tablet at a time

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