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Two Massagers & A Reasonably Good Guy

Small Massager Picture in Lifestyle Blog
The tiny one with a cable, definitely Chinese: I found this red-coloured, funny looking massager at an electronics store. At first, it looked like one of the many Chinese electronic items that have flooded the global market. However, I was ready to take the risk, hoping that it will last for at least two weeks or so. It has been almost a month and despite some very rough handling and long bouts of massaging my head and thighs, this device has not surrendered. It does need a regular meal of three AAA batteries.
Apart from that, I am totally careless about it, including cleaning it or using it on my oiled head. This challenges my somewhat biased view that looks down at nearly everything that is made in China. The weird thing is that despite being tossed around, callously handled, this tiny soldier has managed to survive. And yes, definitely not recommended for the more intimate type of massage.

Image of Manipol Massager by Wellness Blogger
The big daddy massager that can shake-up bones: At this moment, I have two massagers. The handy one explained above is rather cute but the vibration spread is not as good. It is at best, a workplace massager, that too if you have a cabin of your own because there is some grunt to it - not too loud but the hum can be heard from some feet away. The other is a handheld version strictly meant to be used at home. Quite heavy, my wife massages my back and shoulders with it. Sometimes, I use it on my head too, usually on days when the anxiety or overthinking is causing headaches that have no cure as such and am not in the habit of using painkillers. I would rather suffer a bit of pain rather than have another pill, thanks to my already medicine-stacked schedule. This Manipol Massager has power modes and when used at full-strength, it can shake-up your skeletal system rather well, wrecking some havoc on your muscular integrity and challenge the cartilage strength. I can use this around the more intimate parts but at very low power levels...don't want to damage 'dem once-in-a-lifetime goods!

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  1. I had this idea that carrying my small massager to the workplace might be a good idea. Now, there are some doubts about it too:

    1. Would this look reasonable? It should, considering workplaces are getting rather sensitive to issues that can hamper the daily productivity of their employees and stress management is a very trending office-work-life-balance topic.

    2. Would this look borderline over-the-top? Not really. I am not talking about exotic or intimate massagers. This is gentle caressing my lower back, hands and area around the knee joint. Should not look weird though I have a gut-feeling that someone might think of it as outright stupidity!


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