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Mixing-up Things: My Tryst with the Cereal Bowl

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It has been more than 2 weeks now and I have been true to the cause of eating healthier, ensuring I get more nutrition and lesser unwanted calories. My daily bowl of cereal plays a major role in it. As a habit, I cannot resist the temptation of trying different combinations in anything that I consume regularly. My daily bowl is transforming into a healthy habit. I get more than the daily, recommended dose of essential micro and macro-nutrients apart from some trace minerals found only in dried fruits. Believe me, apart from the numerous ways I am sharing below to increase your cereal intake, there are so many weird, outright strange facts about corn flakes that you seriously wonder how cereal became that BIG across the world!

As a result, the cereal bowl and its contents have been used in various combinations, like:

  • Cornflakes mixed with muesli
  • Plain cornflakes with slices of fresh fruit
  • Muesli and cornflakes with minimal milk and more raisins
  • Muesli and cornflakes with sufficient milk and dried fruits, almonds, cashews, walnuts
  • Plain cornflakes with flakes of milk chocolate and dark chocolate in the mix
  • Muesli and cornflakes with milk boiled minimally with dates for an exotic taste
  • Plain cornflakes and small serving of dried fruits topped with single spoon of  ice-cream
  • Eating my cereal bowl for breakfast with boiled eggs
  • Consuming cereal as a precursor to a very light dinner
  • Munching on all the nutty, crumbly ingredients when watching TV
  • Muesli and cornflakes with room temperature milk, slightly cold milk or lukewarm milk
  • Taking small bites of a chocolate in between to add some more zing or when am feeling low
  • Not using fruits like banana that can make the cereal bowl too heavy
  • I also happen to use it to supplement the popcorn bowl that I tend to empty rather quickly
  • Lately, I have mixed cornflakes with the most weird combination propositions like gajar ka halwa too
  • Apart from the actual eating, I am also keeping myself informed about various theories related to how good or bad cereals can be for your health

Update for January 30, 2018
Still sticking to my regimen of the cereal bowl being big, with milk boiled with seedless dates. The jaggery-like sweet juices make the milky mix more edible, more flavour-rich. However, on days when I feel that the stomach is acting a bit funny, I tend to cut down the milk like I did today. I also confirmed my earlier opinion that almonds soaked in water, soaked in milk and eaten raw, each of these taste rather different. I like them rawer, in not-so-small pieces, when eating my cereal. BTW I don't buy the ultra-fancy cornflakes carrying a brand name like Kellogg - for me, simply gets the job done!


  1. Follow-up to my original blog about eating a bowl of cereal every day: try boiling a cup of milk with sliced and diced dates. Natural sugars are beautifully absorbed into the milk, creating a flavor that makes whitish milk look rather appeasing. You need to do this at least 15 minutes prior to putting in a handful of cornflakes

  2. Winter 2018 in Delhi is ending and i would need to reduce the intake of dates since they tend to cause skin breakouts. since the workout has just started, the protein need is not that high. however, there are sexual health and overall wellness benefits of eating dates regularly, particularly mixed with milk and i might maintain a slow dose each morning unless the after-effects get too serious. with my inability to shave these days, am more likely to comprehensively hide a couple of huge, massive, ugly zits - updated on February 15, 2018


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