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Graduating from Shaking Hands to Elbow-Shake!

Image of Flu Killing Handshake Social Habits
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Some people are calling it a life hack idea but it seems outright outrageous. There is talk about how the hyper-hyper-hypochondriacs, those with a life-term record of catching infections from the most innocuous causes might be shaking elbows rather than rubbing cheeks or shaking hands. Yes, the world could elbow you towards new social skills that insist that the viral-overwhelmed, contamination-heavy hands are kept at a distance and the more clothed, the lesser infected elbows are now transformed into a means of socially greeting each other. This Emily Price discussion might make people think that some germophobic could conjure something so extreme but the fact remains that we are living in an era where hand sanitizers are as important as sanitary pads,
where liquid soaps are looked at as a part of personal grooming and where OCD about wiping your hands after touching the most sacred surfaces is not uncommon. Do you say there is a bit of hip-hop sub-culture involved in greeting your friends with colliding elbows rather than shaking hands?...I hear ya’!!


  1. I guess I should be Googling for the weirdest ways of greeting someone but then am not the sorts to enjoy good handshakes or hugs - not a real believer in bonding with a stranger that immediatley - some distance leads to lesser distance later - is the strategy which works with me

  2. Considering the current status of my team that is spread across: fever, chills, sneezing bouts, violent sneezing, concealed sneezing, unhindered sneezing, absenteeism, half-days and leaving-early elbow shake rather than shaking hands seems like the right thing to do - Hopefully February 14, 2018 will bring us some luck!!


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