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Gravity Blanket For Folks Who Are Not Sleepy Enough

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Sleeping issues and insomnia are common and so are sleep remedies. There is an increasing rush towards off-the-counter medications that promise to put you to sleep…to the extent that you wake-up the next day! However, the Gravity Blanket is comprehensively a non-medicated sleeping aid. It has been something special, unlike insomnia solutions that come with plugged-in devices. However, the promise is a bit of an overkill. For starters, it does not seem like that compression or the hug-like treatment can help everyone sleep. It seems rather expensive too. The closest I can get to is the massaging action that helps folks realize. From anxiety to stress and physical exertion, any therapy that involves rubbing and pressing the body can be a bit therapeutic. Is the gravity blanket destined to fail? NO. There are so many desperate souls out there searching for a good nap that they won’t be satisfied unless they have tried it. This is not supposedly addictive and hence, will be tried by folks coming-off anti-anxiety and sleep-inducing prescription drugs. Not much science here unless the makers can explain…

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