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Colored Conversations by a Monotone Guy: What Red says about YOU & Color Psychology

Funny Pic of Pig Wearing Red Shoes from Lifestyle Blog on Blogger
Am asking this purely from an aesthetic perspective – when you wear red or see people around you in Christmas-inspired red apparel and accessories, what is the overall feeling like? For me, it can be slightly overwhelming, particularly when people don't accessorize smartly and red is mated with equally happy and bright colors like yellow and pink. The fashionability of the attire is lost if red is dragged too much, an overdose running into the socks, footwear, scarves and headgear. For me, red has been about passion, about the ability to wear a bolder color and carry it well. Not many people can do this and I can spot people struggling with their red look for the day in a moment.

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Red can be a true standalone color that needs no accessories!
Worn as a standalone apparel, like a jacket or a sweatshirt, red can be beautifully teamed with colors and apparel choices that are more sober to create a beautiful contrast. It is not that I have always been a lover of all things red and maroon. When I was in my 20s, there was this fascination with Blues. A lot leaner then, the color would make me look sleeker, thinner. Now, am much bigger but want to try all the brighter shades. The irony is that now, my wife says that I look my best in all the darker, duller shades while reddish hues don't complement my persona!

Owning Red in many hues

Personally, I have many red options in my wardrobe. This includes different hues of red, including:
- carrot red
- bright red
- passionate, wine red
- dull, worn-down red
- neon-like red lining for contrast
- desi tomato red that is somewhat weathered
- blood red winter wear
I also happen to have a mini-SUV in a wine red shade!

Photo by Deva Darshan on Unsplash
Digging Further: THEKEWLSHOPP Discussions about What Colors Say About You

I started Googling discussions that had the mind-body connection with different colors as their primary theme. This particular link – talks about how colors can effect emotions, mood and personality. However, I don't agree that red is always about being passionate, bold or driven. I first chose red out of playful curiosity. I was more drawn towards wine maroons rather than bright reds. I don't come across as someone with a strong, dominating personality. also talks about the symbolic meanings of different colors. There is a section that sketches some thoughts about the subconscious interpretation of why you or me like different colors. Still, couldn’t agree that red displays someone who is strong, sexually-oriented and is open about announcing relationships. This KEWLSHOP desiccation of the color red seems to be somewhat feminine without having substantial reasoning.

Photo by Alexandru-Bogdan Ghita on Unsplash
Getting All Psychologically Analytical About Red

Yes, red is and always has been about love and romance but I guess deep, blue shades are equally about passion. Red might induce the idea that you are hands-on and energetic but it does not communicate that you are strong-willed. Red linked to being aggressive is not entirely wrong as the more sedated people are less likely to be outspoken. In comparison, grays and blacks are most likely to be worn more by people who are not exactly risk-takers. Yes, wearing Red is also about not averse to the idea of being noticed in a room or a crowd. Red is more likely to be worn by folks who like to hog the limelight, aren’t afraid of being put on the ethical or fashion pedestal. However, equating red with arousal is a bit far-fetched. Erotically themed costumes have an equally liberal use of black and there is nothing to say that white cannot ooze sexual appeal.

Personal Red Notes [Wearing Reds during 2016 - 18]

Photo by Igor Yemelianov on Unsplash
This period has also been about denims and trousers getting a lot more color-heavy. Just yesterday, my wife was updating me about how colored, tight fitted denims in Mustard are making a big comeback. The same applies to sneakers and sports shoes in bright shades of red, brick red, neon red, and red with yellow or light green, contrasting stripes. The color contrasts were heavy in 2017 winters and early into 2018 the trend is still self-sustaining. Strangely, neither Jabong nor Myntra have sufficient options available to address this demand, particularly in the colored denims category. This year is also going to be big on Khakis, will buy one for sure!

Photo by alexander milo on Unsplash
Some More Red Experiences
[February 21st: Summer 2018]

Summers have officially begun in Delhi and it is also the time to wear more whites and neutrals. Not a big fan of paisleys but yes, the muted summer shirts serve a very practical purpose. Bright colors don't lose their relevance but dark blues and blacks are really not the smartest option during this time of the year. Come June 2018 and I would be sweating buckets. This would be the time for whites, lots of them, in different textures and patterns. Somehow, just viewing yourself in very dark shades during the summers makes you feel more sweaty and sticky...weird!

Photo by D A V I D S O N L U N A on Unsplash

Color Red Influences on People, Posted Feb 24, 2018 

When digging deeper into Google search results, I was on the lookout for links to discussions or opinions that came from folks who had more than average knowledge about the subject. Invariably, our mind interprets each color or shade in a different way. There is no regular mindset here since every person will conceive a color based on past life experiences, individual outlook per se, and in the background of recent life events or cultural and social impressions. There are no color experts for me. You can be the biggest name in psychology today or a human mind-reader, but if you think you can always make accurate conclusions about how a color worn by a person indicates tales about their personality, you don't have my vote. Discussion source:

Getting More Sciency About It

This particular link is the more psychologically-intensive part of the discussion. Turns out that there are studies being conducted across North America to find how people, the regular type and the weird, react to red. The studies were done for groups without using saturation or brightness-based variations. Some outcomes seem so expected, like red being commonly linked with romantic situations. However, some questions remain. What if a person in pure whites gets himself clicked on a pure red background? What do such photos mean? Is the person more inclined towards creating colored contrasts or does it say about some type of personality clash, not something as extreme as bipolar disorder but borderline split personality perhaps? The studies seem to have invested some serious time in red background situations. I also agree that wearing a particular color has more spontaneous and knee-jerk sort of impression-creating ability rather than ruling the overall likeability. No color can say that you are kind, honest of intelligent – this is one place where you have to fight your own battles, even if you were bathed in eyesore-level yellow brightness!

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  1. I just hit the Myntra end of season sale update and casually, started looking through the sweatshirts, cardigans and jackets and guess what - I was again trapped by different hues of grey - from the bright ones with a gleaming surface to the less happy ones...seems like I can never be polarized exclusively towards bright colors


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