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Uncluttering to Gain Composure: Is it really so simple?

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I had read about this many times but never took the initiative to actually try it. Cluttered surroundings, filled with things we might need and usually never need, is the source of much anxiety. I have discovered this rather late in my life, realizing that my desk, from where I am blogging right now, is totally clobbered. It is filled with things that I usually don’t need. They continue to occupy more space but serve very little purpose. I am prone to getting anxious without an accurate reason. Sometimes, the feeling just overcomes me in the most unexplained manner.

One day, just by chance, I happened to pack away all the things, no matter how big or small into their respective places, freeing my desk space. The result was astonishingly positive. The next day, when I sat down to read and blog, it seemed that the usual anxiety had somewhat settled. Lesser things created a kind of placating effect, calming me, helping me concentrate better. Now, am trying to put this into effect for my life too, i.e. un-complicating it by removing the clutter from my physical and psychological space - decluttering helps to reduce anxiety symptoms for sure!

This is what I can conclude:
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Break the Vicious Anxiety-Depression Cycle

- unclutter to quickly get rid of anxiety, it really helps. Easy and doable anywhere, even your car!
- profile your desk or work-space for things you need daily, don't need often, and seldom used ones
- there is always room to do complementing activities like wiping the desk yourself
- cluttering is found among clothes too. Group and categorize formals, casuals, semi-formal
- decluttering is applicable to cars too where our automobiles bear the brunt of our laziness
- cleaner spaces that you achieve by cleaning around are like something you quickly accomplished
- this is not about habitual or OCD induced cleaning that is crazily methodical and repetitive
- decluttering is a real, psychiatrist and psychologist acknowledged anxiety management tool
- you can do this at home, work, play or in the parking lot too
- garages are like gold-dust if you are not finding sufficient ways to declutter your living space
- simplest things like a bit of splattered tiffin boxes on the desk can make your space seem chaotic
- sometimes, I mess-up the room a bit just to ensure there is a cleaning job the next day
- there have been times when I have de-cluttered the top of the fridge or the tabletop as a means to warm-up for some free-hand squats and stretching
- decluttering also helps to reduce the claustrophobic feeling that often builds up within your home or the office space. Packing away unneeded things can help you gain more calm


  1. There have been instances when I have saved some time to rearrange my desk not because it seems cluttered, just to do an activity that creates a sense of more control, as if am cleansing my mind or my immediate environment and sometimes, the effect is real - i.e. I actually feel more calm, more in control!

  2. Though this is not about fighting anxiety or cleaning your desk, I have to share something - there is this case of someone really close to me and it seems that the person is suffering from some form of bipolarism. I don't understand the bipolar condition a lot but the extreme mood swings and the drastic behaviour changes suggest this!

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