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Parkinson’s: When Someone in Your Family Has It

Animated Image of Parkinsonian Monster
Yes, it is a serious health condition and there are no cures for it but believe me living with a family member with Parkinson’s is possible. I am not someone who preaches a lot of stuff. I have learned my lessons the hard way. I have a long history of trial and error, repeating the mistakes and eventually realizing what actually works. My mother has Parkinson’s for the last three years. Yes, at times, things get too difficult, particularly now that she has suffered a hip fracture. However, I have channeled my energy towards helping her recover and manage her condition rather than waste time searching for answers like “WHY God did this to us?”…what has happened cannot be undone, so I might as well get on with it. Like some folks say-Life Happens!!

Updated on February 12, 2018:

  • Mom's Parkinsonian is here to stay, it will never go away
  • Did not expect the stammering to get this bad
  • The bone density issue is further complicating matters
  • Repeated fractures mated with poor posture is creating every day scenarios that are risk, cruel
  • Getting some degree of supervision with her Physio lady now making longer stays 
  • Search for a trusted maid continues
  • Medications have been upped as a part of every doctor's appointment
The scare has now given way to some philosophy on Life and a bit of acceptance...

Some Help: if you want to understand more about the symptoms, expected and unexpected, associated with Parkinson, please click on the hyperlinks above. This will take you to some of the most trusted resources on this neuro-muscular condition. Also, you might have heard about Parkinson's among celebrities. One such case is that of Michael J. Fox - click here to follow this extremely helpful resource.


  1. This morning when driving to work heard about the FM RJ Ginni talk about how parents are being ignored in Delhi, how the elderly are easy picks for murderers and looters. However, there is something very basic that is often not considered - with the distances, with the eternal travel routes, there is so little time you can spare for yourself that driving to your folks often becomes a chore and it shouldn't be this way. Take my case - I feel guilty about not having the evening tea with my folks who are located just about 4.5 kms from my office but then the driving to and fro takes about 50 minutes which is shocking in any way - after this, I have to drive back home which is another 1.20 hours at least - do the Maths and tell me if the guilt is slightly misplaced though I own-up to not caring enough

  2. some of the most common Parkinsonian medicines to manage the condition better include:
    - Syndopa
    - Syndopa CR
    - Amantrel
    - anti-anxiety meds
    - acidity controllers
    - calcium supplements, specific to those with poor bone health
    - Ropark


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